Our client service offerings are designed to protect donor organizations from the inherent legal, financial, and environmental risk associated with information technology reuse, recycling, and disposal.

donateIT "Data Destruction / Data-wiping" Policy

All equipment received by donateIT that has the ability to store data goes through a comprehensive datadestruction procedure called CLEANER(tm). Through the donateIT CLEANER(tm) process, a company is guaranteed that no confidential information remains on the retired hard drives and that unauthorized software transfer does not occur.

The donateIT CLEANER(tm) process:

Our CLEANER(tm) process includes the following: Hard drives that pass testing have all corporate information and software removed according to Department of Defense certified procedures; rendering all information and software unrecoverable. Hard drives that fail testing are placed in a certified degausser, which demagnetizes the hard drive, creates a head crash and renders all information and software unrecoverable and/or suffer physical plate destruction (via drill-press or metal shredder). All asset tags and other end user identifiers are removed.

Our CLEANER(tm) process adheres to the standards established by the information security recommendations of the Department of Defense Document 5220.22-M.

As official & formalized (100% peace-of-mind) documentation, for a fee, we can provide a comprehensive serialized audit for your corporate records which will include data destruction and/or physical destruction reports and certificates for each and every drive we receive.

If you prefer to wipe your hard drives on your own, we recommend these free software utilities: Dban | KillDisk

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